The Fairies Return – Kirakira ☆Precure A La Mode Episode 21

Summary: One day while closing up the KiraPati, Ichika spots some strange glowing objects floating around the shop. Despite failing to catch one, Chourou took it as a sign and went to Strawberry Mountain to let off a signal. Suddenly the girls are faced with all the fairies that had gone missing; all expect two.

Ciel, stuck on how Ichika created so much Kirakiraru, see the signal and runs to Strawberry Mountain where she reveals herself as the fairy, Kirarin. Despite the girls shock at learning about her true form, Kirarin is more shocked to learn that Ichika is a Precure. Luckily (or not so luckily) for Kirarin, Strawberry Mountain is attacked by Bibury and she gets to see the girls in action. But after dealing with Bibury the girls are faced with something much worse: a revamped Julio who’s out for revenge.


Finally the girls know about Ciel being a fairy. I’m glad they didn’t draw that one out. That said, Julio and Ciel are definitely related and there’s most certainly an interesting story there. His return at the end of the episode was fantastic and I’m so glad that they didn’t abandon his character and are going to do something with it. Thankfully Precure doesn’t intend to make us wait since this is the mid-season part where things tend to get serious for a bit.

I’ve also really enjoyed the buildup for Ciel and Ichika. Ciel/Kirarin’s reaction to finding out that Ichika was a Precure was just as perfect as I thought it’d be. In fact, it seemed like Ciel’s mind broke a little at the realization. And at the end of the episode something even better happens. Kirarin asks to be an apprentice under the Precure, a noted switch of what happened between Ciel and Ichika. Ichika is completely blown away and is even confused by the request but unfortunately we don’t get to see anymore of her reaction because that’s where the episode ends.

*nervously sweats*

Oh and at the end of the episode we had another cooking short which featured a Pekorin Mousse cake. I actually kind of want to make this one. It looks so cute and the fact that all the mousse cakes were decorated like individual fairies was a nice touch.

I’m sorry this episode is late but the place where I normally get the episodes from didn’t have it up, even this morning. I just thought it wasn’t ready but when I did a search I found it somewhere else. By this point I had already missed my usual time so I decided to wait until I was free to watch the episode.

I’m actually impressed this hasn’t happened before now. I didn’t think the person who was doing this would be able to keep up but so far they’ve done a wonderful job and I’m glad I get to watch Kirakira.


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