Julio’s Revenge – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 22

Summary: Julio is back for his revenge against the PreCure but this time Kirarin is here. What does that matter? Well it turns out Julio is actually Pikario, Kirarin’s missing younger twin brother. Knowing this the PreCure attempts to find out what happened to Pikario while fending off his attacks. But with this new strength can the PreCure pull through?


I just have this feeling that Kirakira does things too fast. I thought the episode where Ichika lost her kirakiraru didn’t have much impact because of how quickly things happened and the same can be said for this episode. I know the Julio fight wasn’t meant to be drawn out but I feel as though it should have spanned an episode and a half, especially once I saw the preview clip for next week’s episode. I just feel like bad things in Kirakira are so short there aren’t really any problems from them.

But that problem aside I actually enjoyed the episode. Kirakira has gotten better as it’s aired and has turned into a show that it easy to get caught up in. Letting Julio be more than just a villain was really good and I’m glad all of the time spent developing him wasn’t wasted (especially since that’s happened in other series). The Kirarin/Pikario relationship is one that I’m really happy Toei did because they gave enough hints that you can figure out they’re related prior to the reveal. I’m not happy that they like to spoil new Cures before they come into the show but I guess I shouldn’t have looked at any news regarding Kirakira period.

kk22-2Speaking of the new Cure, the preview clip showed us what’s coming up and with that now we all know about Cure Parfait aka Ciel as a PreCure. This kind of annoys me. Prior to seeing the backstory of Pikario, I knew Ciel was going to be the new Cure. It’s been known since before Toei announced it. They hacked the toy back when it launched and found an audio clip for Parfait. We’ve known about here. But then to add the stuff with Pikario? To create a story in which the younger brother character doesn’t think he has the skill to be a PreCure and then prove his sister was the more talented, destined one all along? Ouch. It also doesn’t help that Pikario is a boy and therefore not allowed to be a Cure due to the laws of magical girl shows.

kk22On a final note we finally got to really see Noir-sama this episode and holy crap he is terrifying. And also looks like he belongs in Bleach.

You know, I completely forgot about Julio showing up at the end of last episode so I started 22 up and was immediately surprised by him. Thankfully I like Julio so it was a good surprise. Plus I really hope Pikario stays around after all this and becomes another mascot. What do you guys think? Would you like Pikario to stay around?


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