The Cure of Pegsus and Parfaits? – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 23

Summary: Flowing the realization of what actually happened to Pikario, Kirarin/Ciel blames herself for the outcome and spirals into a depressed state. While the girls attempt to help her out of it, Noir shows up and tries to turn her into another dark agent. During the process Pikario and Ichika get caught up and are pulled inside Ciel’s heart. Once there the two manage to save Ciel and through this power a new PreCure is born, Cure Parfait. Cure Parfait fights Bibury who has merged with her doll and ultimately wins but at what price?

Pikario’s body looks so janky in this shot


Remember last week when I said bad things in Kirakira don’t last long enough? Well that statement really holds up after watching this episode. The preview made it a big deal that Ciel could go bad but then it was there for five seconds, the fix was surprisingly simple, and then bam, new way too powerful cure (or really you could argue that she’s just stronger because she actually has a cooking background AND the wish to make people happy). Plus I don’t like the way they handled Pikario/Julio. He was such an interesting character, they even brought him back in a good way and now I feel like they’ve wasted all that build-up. Though personally I don’t think he’s really gone for good. After all his kirakiraru did go back into another one of the kirakira pots, like the one at KiraPati.

kk23-2Cure Parfait is the newest edition to the team and so now I can talk about her design. I wasn’t too keen on it from the pictures they released but I actually liked it much more in the episode. I still don’t like her hair though. I don’t like the design or how huge the parfait headpiece looks and I’m not fond of the fact that her hair turns pink. Pink cures are already overused as it is and Ichika is pure pink. At least when Passion had pink hair in Fresh Peach (the leader pink cure) had blond hair so it balanced out. Otherwise her design is cute and the Pegasus goes along with the idea that she’s a fairy turning into a PreCure and not just a human.

And finally we have a new ending. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like it the first time I watched it. I really like the first ending, in fact I sing along with both the opening and the ending (mildly embarrassing but hey the songs just get stuck in your head). It’s really different than the first ending, I mean one line is literally “I like pretty girls.” And I mean, I do too, but I don’t expect to see that in my kids’ shows. However I will say that I watched it a couple more times and it did start to grow on me so I suspect by the time the show is over I’ll enjoy it quite a bit as well.

Overall I’m not sure how I felt about this episode as a whole. It had its good points and some mediocre ones and I’m just left feeling ‘meh’ which is a little sad considering I enjoyed the build up of this one. But what did you guys think? Did you enjoy Parfait’s introduction?


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