Ciel Goes to School! – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 24

Summary: Despite all the hardship Ciel has been through she decides to push through and do her best as a PreCure. For Ciel this involves not only taking up karate but also going to school. However there is one thing that the girls don’t know about Ciel. Will Ciel’s secret cause the girls problems? Or is it just another bonding moment in disguise?


So Ciell reverts back into a fairy when she’s hungry, that’s not a surprise at all. Honestly I guessed that’s what it was the second she became concerned after karate practice. In fact you’d think Ciel would carry emergency food around to prevent situations like the one caused in school.

Ciel is still a developing character and I’m just not sure where I stand with her. She just seems too random. I mean her brother just kind of died (maybe not though?) and yet she’s nonchalantly going to school and starting karate lessons. You may say this is how she copes but when she found out her inability to see Pikario’s problems was one of the reasons he turned bad she became so depressed she almost became a minion for Noir. So clearly she does care but the story is refusing to acknowledge it. That or she only has emotions in extremes.

And speaking of Noir we saw some new servants this episode. There’s a mysterious one with a suave voice and then there’s the one who attacked the girls this episode. Grave (or Glaive?) created minions out of snow and used a car to steal kirakiraru. The girls beat him easily but thankfully he looks like another interesting villain which I could use after Bibury.

kk24Overall the episode was okay. It had some bonding between the girls and Ciel and the girls got a new and strange stone item that is sure to be a power up of some sort. However it just wasn’t that good. I’m still disappointed that Ciel appears to just continue on like nothing happened. That could just be her personality but I’d prefer a little more substance for her considering what just occurred. The next episode however looks to be a lot better as it’s another one that focuses on Akira and Yukari. I’m glad it looks like we’ll be getting back into the character based episodes. These girls need more characterization in my opinion.


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