Yukari’s True Feelings? – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 25

Summary: Prince Nata from the Country of Confetto has come to Japan. Upon spotting Yukari, he decides she would make a wonderful princess and as her to be his wife. Akira attempts to stop the proprosal, after all Yukari has school and the KiraPati. Instead Prince Nata takes this as a challenge and decides to battle Akira for the right to marry Yukari. Can Akira beat a real prince? And what about what Yukari actually wants?


So this was an amazing episode. It was just focused on one person, instead it worked on building Yukari and Akira both individually and together. Personally I found it really enjoyable. As much I like Yukari’s design, she’s always been hard to read and even harder to understand. That’s why this episode was such a treat for me. Finally getting to glimpse the Yukari underneath her pompous attitude was worth waiting for especially with Akira there to shoulder her worries.

Akira was in top prince form today as she became Yukari’s shoulder to cry on. Akira herself also got a little lesson in considering what other people want while also learning more about how to deal with the fragile Yukari. All of this culminated in a fantastic, almost beautiful, fight scene where the two finally came to a clear understanding of each other.

kk25-2I have never wanted two people to be gay more than this moment. I know it’ll never happen. I know it seems silly to say. But man, Toei made the scenes between Akira and Yukari look more like lovers than friends. I’m serious. If any of those scenes had contained Ichika it would have felt completely different and less romantic. This episode also adds to the idea that Akira & Yukari are Toei’s attempt at Uranus/Neptune. And honestly, after this episode, I’m okay with that.

As for the future of Kirakira, I hope we get more character episodes like this one. Finally we have some real depth to these girls and Himari definitely needs some more time. Aoi would also be nice but really, Kirakira just needs to deliver more episodes like this from now on.

Sigh. I had meant to get more done yesterday than just this post but things weren’t meant to be. I had a review very close to being able to be released. I’ll talk more about this in my month in review post but until then I hope everyone enjoyed this episode of Kirakira as much as I did.


2 thoughts on “Yukari’s True Feelings? – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 25

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  1. Episodes like this one are pretty much why I got into Precure in the first place. I adored almost everything about it, and Yukari and Akira are just so good together.
    The Uranus/Neptune and Akira/Yukari comparison is a pretty good one, even more so when you take into consideration that Toei also produced the Sailor Moon anime.

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    1. For me characters are often what makes or breaks a magical girl show and just like you its one of the reasons I stick with Precure. This episode is by far the best single episode Kirakira thus far.
      There have been quite a few similarities between Uranus/Neptune and Akira/Yukari, for me but this episode really pushed it over the edge. The amount of raw emotion and the way you could see the connection between Yukari and Akira was amazing.

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