Month in Review: July 2017

Another month has come and gone so it’s time to see how I did this month. First, it pains me to say it but I only got one review out this month. The worst part is I actually had another one planned and mostly completed but due to sheer bad luck it didn’t get put out.

I did get my Tokyo Mew Mew review out and it is by far the most detailed review I’ve written in this series. It was way longer than I anticipated but as I was writing it I just had so much to say. I was also lucky to have this post featured over on Lita Kino Anime Corner’s weekly post-a-rama! I’ve been a follower of Lita’s blog for some time now and enjoy her content so you should definitely check her out!

Now, about that post that didn’t get out. I had pretty much completely written and set up my post for a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha review and I honestly thought I had posted it. But when I was looking at my blog a few days ago I realized it wasn’t there. What happened was as I was editing it my computer restarted and closed out the tab. I forgot about it and since I remembered editing it on WordPress, assumed I had published it. I had really hoped that I would have been able to get it out on Monday, right at the last minute, but then of course, my power went out. From 5:30 pm until after midnight. There was a wreck nearby that involved a semi who broke a power pole in half. So the review is still in limbo but expect it in a day or two once I get time to look through it.

In the meantime I’m blazing my way through Doki Doki Precure to hopefully make it ahead of the premiere of Glitter Force Doki Doki (oh god this name is awful, they should have put doki doki first). Somehow Netflix decided we needed more of the Glitter Force monstrosity. Okay. That was a little harsh considering I didn’t watch Glitter Force. But I’ll be honest the Cure name changes in it annoyed me and I just couldn’t bring myself to watch what they did to Smile, which was so full of heart. That said I do want to see if Doki Doki’s Glitter Force is a little less cringey. I’m already on episode 30 so I expect I’ll be able to get a proper review of Doki Doki out before the first half of the new Glitter Force arrive August 18th.

There was one other thing I wanted to talk about. This was originally going to go at the end of my Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha review but since that didn’t come out in July I’ll just include it here. When I made my blogging goal for 2017 I said I wanted to do 52 magical girl reviews which, for me, is a rather ambitious goal. Magical girl series are often very long but I really enjoy them and wanted to give it my all.

Then the first few months of the year were pretty bad. Recovering from mono, general life business, and even death got in the way of watching anime and everything kind of fell apart for awhile. I didn’t really do anything at that point. I still managed to do somethings but not as much as I felt needed to be done and this in turn made me feel worse. But somewhere along the line I managed to get back up and now I feel things are doing well again.

Which is why I wanted to let everyone know that even if I fail my 2017 blogging goal, I’m not giving up on it. I will go into 2018 in order to complete my 52 magical girl reviews. At this point finishing the goal is what’s most important and the journey thus far has been really eye opening for me. So I’d like to thank those that have been following along. I know I’m not a popular blogger but throughout this year my little blog has gotten more interaction than previously and it has made me happy even when life has gotten me down.

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