Ciel’s Kindness – Kirakira☆Precure A La Mode Episode 26

Summary: Ichika and the rest of the KiraPati crew venture to the beach in order to have a good day. Ichika is so excited she uses every last ounce of kiraru in the Kiraru Pot to create a giant inner tube for the KiraPati to float on. The girls have fun playing but eventually become worn out and fall asleep on the KiraPati.

When the girls finally wake up they discover they’re on an abandoned island and the inner tube has broken! Bibury is also on the island!? Without any kiraru in the Kiraru Pot, how will the girls get home or will Bibury finally beat them?


After the amazing episode we had last week I didn’t really expect this one to be as good. The beach adventure was pretty normal and the island theme added a nice twist. It may not have been a deep episode but it was really enjoyable.

The girls end up making shaved ice to create more kiraru and Ciel is determined to share it with Bibury. Bibury ended up stranded on the island as well and Iru has become unresponsive leaving her with no way back. Rather than taking the shaved ice from Ciel, Bibury uses it to create a monster which ends up attacking her. I get while Ciel felt the need to save Bibury but I don’t know why she was so concerned with giving her food. I know she said Bibury looked lonely, and we did get a little Bibury backstory, but Ciel just has no precedent for being that concerned about other. Maybe it’s the influence of her brother that has Ciel looking out for people more.

kk26-2At the end of the episode the random ball Ciel has (I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it and I can’t remember when she got it) turned into a little Pegasus statue and it honestly looks like they’re about to get another power up which is kinda early in my opinion. I mean, yeah, the other girls need it but right now Ciel is still overpowered. Either way next episode is going to be focused on Aoi and we get to see more of her band which is always good idea, in my opinion.

By the way I’ve finished DokiDoki and have started my review. Hopefully that will be done in a few days. So far I’ve had a pretty easy time writing it which is nice after how long the Tokyo Mew Mew review took. I do think it’s going to require a lot of editing though to get it where I’d like it.

So look forward to that and in the meantime feel free to let me know how you’re liking Kirakira Precure and especially Ciel. I still don’t know how I feel about her but really she’s already gotten more characterization than poor Himari (whom I do like). Let’s just say Ciel is still growing on me. 🙂


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